Press Release - Cells Limited announces closure of operations

Friday 1st June 2012

London - (1/6/12) - Cells Limited one of the provider of cord blood and cord tissue storage in UK, announces closure of the business with effect from 31st July 2012.
Cells Limited is no longer accepting any new orders. Cells Limited will continue to provide phone and email support to clients already booked up to July 2012.
Existing customer are rest assured that their samples are stored and managed with the same professionalism and scientific ability at Cryo-Save, and can contact Cryo-Save directly for any release or confirmation. The agreement signed with Cells Limited shall remain effective as the samples were already being stored with Cryo-Save and shall continue to store throughout the period of the agreement.
- ends-
For further information please contact:
Cells Limited
Tel: 0845 2260 844
For existing customers, contact Cryo-Save on:
Tel: +41 55 222 02 56