Why Choose Cells?

The Best Start in Life

Your baby's umbilical cord and cord blood contain lifesaving stem cells. With Cryo-Save, Europe's leading stem cells bank, you can save them for a lifetime; thus giving your offspring the best start in life and peace of mind for the future.

Cells Limited is the leading provider for safe storage of stem cells. We provide storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells and umbilical cord tissues for the newborn. You can be assured that every single step we take is based on the strictest scientific and industrial standards.
  • Human Tissue Authority Licensed
  • ISO 9001-2008 for procurement, distribution, import/export of tissues and cells for human application
  • Maternal Serology and NAT/PCR tests performed in compliance with HTA Directions 003/2010
  • Storage of Stem Cells NOT Whole Blood
  • Temperature Controlled Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Collection Kit
  • Closed Bag Sterile Processing System
  • Dual Storage System for additional Security
  • 100% Sample for your Baby
  • A highly qualified team looking after the procurement, testing, processing and storage of your sample
  • Over 200,000 samples stored at Cryo-Save Laboratories
  • 10 Samples released for medical Therapies
  • Family Donation Programme
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Cells Limited provided the most comprehensive, professional and personable service of those on the market. The staff was approachable and friendly and available to answer questions any time of day. We are grateful for all of their kindness and help and would recommend their services to our friends and family any day. Thank you!

Dr. Deepa Thakor (July 2022)


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What's new at Cells



Celebrating 200,000 samples stored
In celebration of more than 200,000 samples stored at Cryo-Save. Cells Limited is offering all new clients signing up between 22 November 2022 and 22 December 2022 a discount of £250 (CryoCord+) or £150 (CryoCord), on the successful storage of the sample. The discount will be applied to the final invoice.

200,000 Samples Stored
22 November 2022 marks the 200,000th sample stored at Cryo-Save Laboratories. The successful results show the continued effort by the Group to increase the awareness of stem cell storage among general public and the medical community. For further information follow the press release.

Cells Limited now providing 25 years storage period
With effect from the 15th of April 2022, new customers are being offered 25 years storage period on their orders. This is inline with our continued commitment to provide you with the best possible service for Banking your child's Cord Blood Stem Cells and Cord Tissue.

Family Donation Programme by Cells Limited (a Cryo-Save partner) offers UK parents free banking of newborn's cord blood if a close family member has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease treatable by stem cells. If you wish to register for this programme please apply using the registration form on cryosave.com, together with an oncologist/haematologist recommendation and report and send it to us.