Answers to provide you with more certainty

The more you read about stem cells, the more questions you might have. Here are the answers to the most frequent questions we receive. You can find more information at our or our partner's website or contact us on our Freephone 0800 11 CELLS (0800 11 23557).

Is storing umbilical cord blood painful or dangerous for my baby and me?

Collection of cord blood takes place following the birth after cutting the cord and once the baby has been removed from the sterile environment. The blood is collected from the part of the umbilical cord connected to the placenta; a painless and risk-free procedure. We always emphasize in our procedures that the health of the mother and the baby must come first.

Can my baby's stem cells be used for another family member?

In principle, if you have given your written consent for your baby's stem cells to be donated, they can be used for anyone having a direct match with your baby. You have 1 in 4 chances that your baby's stem cells will also be a match for the siblings.

Will anyone else have access to my baby's stem cells?

No, we will only release stem cells with the written consent of the parents or guardian of the baby.

Will cord blood be examined thoroughly in the lab?

When processing the cord blood, we subject it to a number of tests. We examine whether there is any infections or contamination. Afterwards, we check the vitality of the stem cells and the cell-count. Only if these tests have been completed satisfactorily, we proceed to safe storage. No further tests or research will be conducted without prior your permission

Who has access to the Lab?

Access to the lab is strictly controlled; only authorized staff is allowed to enter. For control purposes, the room is monitored round the clock.

Who will make sure that the stem cells are in place when we need them?

An accredited centre needs to inform us by telephone or in writing when you need the stem cells. However, the official release of the cells can be made to an accredited medical centre upon their explicit request. At Cryo-Save we will make sure that these are prepared for shipment free of charge and shipped within 24 hours.

What will happen to the Cells after 25 Years?

We will send you a letter and ask whether the stem cells should continue to be stored. This is why it is very important for you to keep us updated with your contact details.