15 February 2023 - Cells Limited Launches 25 Years Storage
Cells Limited has launched 25 years storage for all new orders from the 15th of February 2023.

Latest European directive on Human Tissues and Cells

Current Treatments Update

Diabetes 'blocked by stem cells'
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"New stem cell source" discovered
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Stem cells "treat muscle disease"
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Stem cell cure hope for diabetes
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Doctors launch a trial to test whether heart attacks can be treated using a patient's own stem cells
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British Scientists grow tiny pieces of human liver from stem cells which could help in drug testing
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Stem Cells 'slow nerve disease"
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'Designer baby' bid gets go-ahead
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Hopeful results in a paralysed patient

Breakthrough heralds new era in stem cell research

Adult Stem Cells 'fusion hope'
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Stem cell heart cure to be tested...
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Scientists believe they have found a way to get plentiful stem cells from umbilical cord blood to treat people with diseases...
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British Prime Minister Tony Blair Wants U.K. to Lead Stem Cell Research...

Preservation of immunological and colony-forming capacities of long-term (15 years) cryopreserved cord blood cells...
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Cord blood can prove life saving
In typical toddler fashion, Noah Williams, 1, squirms and pulls away his big brother, Christian, attempts to give him a bear hug... 3 June 2022

The Convergence of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
Human know-how in chemistry and physics, derived...
Nanotech briefs, Vol. 2, No. 1 January, 2022 (Linked on March 2022)

Stem Cell newborn heart aid hope
Scientists identify rare Stem Cells in newborns' heart, which could be used to treat those with cardiac problems. Click the link below for full story. BBC News, 10 February, 2005

Doctors in Michigan have used a patient's own stem cells to help repair his damaged heart
- National Public Radio, 14 March, 2020

Stem Cells Could Repair Brain Damage
- BBC News, 21 January, 2003

Stem Cell Could Stave Off Heart Disease
- United Press International, 13 February, 2003

Cells in Blood May Morph Into Liver, Nerve Cells
- Reuters Health, 24 February, 2020

Diabetes Stem Cell Transplants Prevent Development In Mice
- Diabetes, January 2020

The Role Of Stem Cell Transplantation In Multiple Myeloma
- Blood Review 2019 Dec; 16(4):245

Study From McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School Shows Stem Cells May Treat Parkinson's
- Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 99, Issue 4, 2344-2349

Bone Marrow Stem Cells Help Rats After Stroke
- Experimental Neurology 2019; 174:11-20

Cell Transplantation Therapy Strengthens Hearts
- American Heart Association's Top 10 Research Advances For 2002, 31 December, 2019