Our Profile

Cells Limited was established in February 2004 for providing storage of stem cells harvested from the umbilical cord blood under its brand name "babycells". After five successful years of trading as one of the partners of the Cryo-Save Group, Cells Limited has adopted the "Cryo-Save" brand since July 2009, while continuing its longstanding partnership with the family of Europe's leading stem cell bank.

Cells Limited as the partner of Cryo-Save in the UK holds Human Tissue Authority Licence Number 22520 for procurement of tissues and/or cells intended for human application, as well as an ISO 9001-2008 for procurement, distribution, import and export of tissues and/or cells. Cryo-Save laboratories established in the EU member states are authorised by the local authorities to test, process, and store cord blood stem cells and/or tissues for human application.

Cryo-Save is the leading European stem cell bank. For nearly a decade, Cryo-Save has operated a policy of responsible stem cell banking. Cryo-Save supports the leading research in storing umbilical cord and cord blood, not least through a number of European Parliments funded European Commission Framework research projects. Cryo-Save is operating in 38 countries and is listed in NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. More than 200,000 parents have chosen Cryo-Save to store their babies' umbilical cord and/or cord blood stem cells.

You may also view Cryo-Save website at https://cryosave.com/